Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Day Late

My bad. I didn't post yesterday. D:

Only because nothing interesting happened. xD

I swear though, I'm like, the worst Tamagotchi caretaker I know. And I am completely tired of calling Tongaritchi 'Tongaritchi'. So we're just going to call her... *thinks* ... Jo. We'll call her Jo. So Jo is 8 years old and STILL hasn't changed into adult form. And honestly, I haven't messed with the time that much. ... Okay maybe I have. But still. She shouldn't be taking this long. D:


So by now, as you may have guessed, I've had a bunch of care misses. And to be frank, I really don't care about her weight anymore. xD She's 74lbs. But at least her Hunger and Happy meters are full. ... At the moment... T_T. And I realize that's not a wonderful picture. My lighting was crap today. Just be glad you got one. xD So I've decided that after Jo returns to Tama Planet, I won't be starting her up again. I'll keep Alfie, my V2 (who I'm going to talk about next) running and maybe also a V4. Who knows. *shrug*

SO. As for Alfie. He changed into adult form today! In the form of a... well... I'm not really sure. He looks like a Tiger...

*looks him up* ... Toratchi! That's it. Alfie's doing pretty well care-wise. He's 4 years and 32lbs with almost full training. I assume this is why Mimitchi didn't show up for me... *sad*. But after he gets married it's on to 3rd generation, which has a LOT of my favorite characters! ♥ I might purposley take horrible care of it to try and obtain Takotchi. *laughs maniacally*

Well that's about it for now. I'll be back later though. Be it a day later or tonight. :D


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I am such a bad person. D:

Yesterday, while with a friend, I neglected my little Tongaritchi. When I came back to check on her, she was all empty in both happy AND hungry. I feel horrible, but here's the reason why.

That day, we had gone to check out a gaming place in town, go to the grocery store, get food, etc. and you just can't check a Tamagotchi while driving. Obviously that's dangerous. But me, being the apparent dunce I am didn't put her on pause at all throughout the day. So that leads us back home. When we got there, we enjoyed our food and for some reason, decided to no-life Tetris. Yes, that's right. Tetris. On the Original NES. And boy was it addictive. xD I never was a Tetris person until I decided to randomly put it in and play it. And while we were playing, Tongaritchi sat lonesome in my room without anybody to check on her. Later that evening when my friend left, I remembered her sitting there, so I picked her up. When I checked, she had two poos and all her bars were down. Needless to say I won't be seeing Mimitchi any time soon. *shrug*

But hey. There's always a bright side to things. I got to 80 lines on Tetris without freaking out. xD And that's a first for me. *laughs*

But aaaaanyway. Back to Tama loggin'.

Right at this very moment, Tongaritchi is full in everything at 6 years and a whopping 53lbs. She's gotten to be a fat little booger. D:

And while she marches around the screen, I'm in the process of starting another Tama. Well actually, more like continuing another Tama. If you read back on Blogagotchi, I was running a V2 named Alfie. And well... he's back. xD

Alfie's an Ichigotchi on 2nd generation. Before I deactivated him, he had been going really well care-wise, his hearts have only dropped twice in the hunger meter if I can remember correctly. That might not have even happen. He's 3 years and 33lbs with 6 out of 9 bars in his training meter. I think... Is there 9 bars in the meter? I dunno. Probably.

At this point, I'm capable of getting 10 specific characters. I don't know the names for most of them, but you can have a look at my possibilities
at this really helpful chart on Tama-Zone. I am seriously counting on Mimitchi to show up this time. *crosses fingers*

And tomorrow, I have to go to a choir meeting, so Tongaritchi and Alfie will be on pause from 9 until noon, at least. Probably a bit longer.

As for picture updates, I have two seriously horrible quality webcam shots for you. Only reason for that is my laziness to get the good camera. T_T Alfie's the top, Tongaritchi's the bottom.

All for now!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Change gon' come

And that it did! xD

Tonmaruitchi has just changed into the character with legs, Tongaritchi.

One sec, gotta play the game...

Okay, now I'm back and I'm a little bit confused. I just checked her stats and apparently the discipline is NOT at 100% yet. I was thinking that was a little early for that to be happening anyway. As of now, she's 5 years (because of the clock change), 42lbs. We're going to have to go play the game soon to help her lose weight.

Which is exactly what I'm going to go do. :D

More later,

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good morning! Kinda.

Well let's see. It's 12AM and here I am. D:

Little Tonmarutchi's asleep on the nightstand and I thought I'd come update for you.

She's 4 years old now, but only because of one reason. I had to change the clock because I had accidentally left her alone and she had fallen asleep with poo beside her bed. I wasn't about to let that happen so I promptly woke her up to clean it. After I cleaned her, I attempted to feed her, but she wouldn't take her food which earned her the last discipline, making it full at 100%.

Still though, I'm feeling a little wary on whether Mimitchi will visit or not. I'm still going for Pochitchi. xD

Since she's asleep right now, I'll cut this log short because A. I really don't have much to say when she's asleep, and 2. I'm horribly tired. xD

More tomorrow!


Back where we left off

So little Tonmarutchi and I are back to update today! :)

Yesterday, as I said, I went to visit my good friend. Most of the time while I was there, Tonmarutchi was on pause and I couldn't care for her properly, but she managed to stay at full happy and hungry for the most part.

I know I said you'd hear back from me that night, but if you know how I write logs, nothing ever goes as planned, especially with the Tama's that I'm running. xD But this time I'm keeping my little P2, at least until she's went back to Tama planet. I'm still thinking about hatching my Angel after this.

So anyway, little Tonmarutchi is back at 3 years old today and a little slimmer at 19lbs instead of 33. Before I came on here to write this log, we had played the game a lot and won the majority of the times we played. ^-^ I'm not entirely sure what year she'll change into a teen, but I'm assuming it's soon. Usually it's about 3 or so years. I'm gonna take a shot at guessing the Character and say Pochitchi will pop up on my screen. The reason I say that is because I had let the hearts drop 2 out of each meter only once, and that might have ruined my chance at seeing Mimitchi pop up. We'll just have to wait and see. :)

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures for you right at this very moment, but I should come back and upload some later.

So, that being said, I'm off to hang out with Tonmarutchi and try to find something productive to do, which probably won't happen considering it's summer break. :D Though I AM going to check out a place like Gamestop called Gameboy's tomorrow and see if they're hiring. I might just end up with a job, who knows. :P

All for now~


Saturday, July 24, 2010


I believe it's time for me to write again!

If you read the last post, you knew that I've been having some pixel problems with my P2. Well yesterday, I did attempt to fix them. But unsuccessfully. I started with removing the battery cover, and that took a good amount of effort to get off. The screw heads actually had to be drilled off because they were stripped so bad. Once I got that off, I had to remove the back casing, which took a special screwdriver, but thankfully no drill. Then came the circuit board. I managed to get the Tama open, but once I got to the circuit board, I found two small screws there. Now to get to the screen of the Tama, I would have to remove the circuit board and the front casing. Once I got one screw out of the circuit board, there was one more.

And of course the thing decides not to budge.

So my attempt at trying to fix it was ruined. Unless I can somehow drill the head off of the extremely tiny screw on the circuit board, which I'm afraid to do. So there I was, left with an unfixed Tama and a reset one at that.

So little Tonmarutchi had left me for a bit, but don't worry, she's back today. Only at 2 years old, but back nonetheless. So this means she'll probably have a few more days before teen stage. Now she's just doing her little bobbing thing around the screen. This morning we played the game a bit and won all three times. She might have to be put on pause later today, as I am going to visit a friend. Hopefully, though, I can keep her off pause for the most part.

That's about it for right now, the day hasn't quite started yet, and I'm still being lazy. :D So expect to hear back from me tonight.


Friday, July 23, 2010


Dang, how much of this switching crap am I gonna give you guys?! xD

I know that's what you're thinking. But I don't care. :D I'm going old school, you guys. Just started up my P2 and I think this will be the only Tam I'll run for a while. I miss these little guys. Everything now is just way too complicated. D: SO. That being said, I shall commence logging for this little guy. Actually, she's a girl. :P

My little P2 was hatched yesterday, it's a white one with Pink Characters and buttons on it. ♥ Unfortunately, I've encountered a dilemma with it. It's got missing pixels, and I'm going to have to eventually take it apart and fix it, but for now, I can deal. If you're reading this, and you have any ideas on how to help me with my problem, have a look here at a topic I've posted on TamaTalk.

Or, if you're not a member there, try looking at the same topic I posted on TamaZone. You'll find more information about it at these two locations.

Anyway, on with the actual log. She hatched yesterday into a little babitchi bobbing around the screen before she turned into Tonmarutchi. As of today, she is still a Tonmarutchi, 3 years of age and 35lbs.

< Tonmarutchi!

Hopefully, she'll change into teen form today. And when that happens, I'll be sure to get back to you. :)

EDIT: Got some photo's for ya. :)